Kenpo Karate

A family-based martial arts school teaching Ed Parker's American Kenpo karate.

Ed Parker, Sr.

The Teachings of Ed Parker, Sr.

Kenpo is a martial art that originated in ancient China. American Kenpo was created by Ed Parker, Sr. to adjust to more modern fighting techniques. It incorporates circular motions, similar to Kung Fu, and linear motions found in traditional Japanese styles.

What Makes Creekside Kenpo Unique?

Creekside Kenpo Karate is a family run, family-oriented martial arts school. Its purpose is to provide a service in a rural environment, giving the youth in the surrounding communities a place to learn how to defend themselves. It also provides classes where families can train as one. Benefits provided include:
  • a Self-improvement. Creekside Kenpo Karate teaches respect, courage, patience, self-control, focus, self-discipline and inner-strength.
  • b Self-defense. Youth learn anti-bullying techniques, self-confidence, self responsibility, and emotional and physical self-control.
  • c Family fun. Families can learn and train together in either a group or private lesson environment.

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